Our Process

Here is how our process works:
Assessment, Planning and Research
We will first take time to understand the hiring company, its culture, and the type of people that fit in with their staff and culture. We will learn the unique benefits that will attract quality candidates to the firm.

Defining the Job Order
We will take the time to understand what is required to do the best job: the background, education, skills, and qualifications desired in order to develop a targeted search for the ideal candidate.

Locating and Approaching Qualified Candidates
To develop a list of qualified candidates, we will do extensive research to identify the companies where candidates are most likely to be employed.  We draw upon a variety of sources in this stage to ensure accurate coverage, consisting of targeted competitors’ names, locations, and phone numbers.  Any key information that you request may be added as well.  Many times we already have someone within our network or database that is actively searching for the right opportunity.  If not, we will focus our attention by conducting a targeted search to fulfill the specific needs.  The result?  In most cases, we achieve a surer, quicker hiring process, thereby enabling the company to move forward toward their projections.

Candidate Pre-Qualification
In our search, we will speak with a number of candidates who are qualified for the opportunity.  Through our interview process with these candidates, we will identify their career goals, reasons for leaving, current compensation package, etc.  Only those candidates who are deemed ready to make a move will be presented.

Preparing the Candidate for Presentation
Many experienced and highly-qualified candidates are great at their jobs, but may not be good at interviewing.  For that reason, we will coordinate the interview schedule, and help them prepare to present themselves in a professional manner.

Make Offer and Gain Acceptance
We will help candidates skillfully handle their resignation from their previous position, then debrief them after the interview to answer any additional questions or concerns he/she might have when making a career change.  It is our responsibility to deliver the selected candidate to our client companies.

Counter-Offer Discussions
Counter-offers are a recruiter’s worst nightmare. We address this issue early and throughout the recruiting process. We educate our candidates on how detrimental accepting a counter-offer can be to one’s career and how they almost never work to the candidate’s benefit.

Follow-up with Candidate and Company
After employment has begun, we consider it our duty to speak with candidates and client companies regularly, to help identify potential problems and find solutions.