Why use a niche recruiter?
“Out of control” best describes the thousands of employment web sites and tens of millions of resumes currently posted all over the internet. If you’re like most employers, the last time you posted a job online, you were flooded with e-mails and phone calls from unqualified candidates. The main problem with such a résumé flood is that a great candidate can so easily get lost in it. Navigating through a pile can devour a lot of your valuable time, and get in the way of such things as making money.

Why use Electrical Career Specialists (ECS)?
When a position is hard to fill, ECS finds top quality candidates; using a wide variety of recruiting resources. ECS can provide any electrical industry company with national reach and personal care when filling its positions. With over 25 years of experience in the electrical industry, we understand first-hand the challenges you face with staffing.

We can find the right electrical industry professional.
ECS precisely analyzes your needs, preferences, and offerings – first.  Then, a detailed work environment analysis and comprehensive job description are created and agreed upon, which includes the experience, track record, personality type, and aptitudes of the ideal candidate.

We firmly believe that only a high-quality initial analysis can create an information foundation that will assure an excellent match between company and candidate.

We conduct extensive research to identify individuals who meet your established criteria, resulting in a short list that routinely include both active (looking) and passive (not looking) candidates.

Once these candidates are identified, ECS contacts them to review their qualifications and determine their interest in your career opportunity. We do all of the preliminary work so that you and/or your staff are never burdened with hundreds of unqualified résumés.  Typically, we present the two or three most qualified candidates for your consideration.

Because we are compensated only by a contingency fee, our success is directly related to the quality of the candidates we provide. We therefore will never send unqualified candidates for consideration just for the ‘sake of sending’ you someone. Only the best will do.

You are always in charge.
Even though ECS is available to you for consultation and advice…YOU MAKE ALL THE KEY DECISIONS.  We simply identify, screen, and qualify candidates, freeing up your time to interview the high-quality, on-target finalists we present to you.

Because our services are provided on a no-risk, contingency-fee basis, your company pays only when we produce results.  If you don’t hire our candidate, you don’t pay us a fee.