Coaching Tips

Make more money
For many people today, the best way to increase their compensation is by changing employers and negotiating a better salary when they do. Now, more than ever, a job change is the best route to a raise.

In today’s employment market, you owe it to yourself and your family to ensure that you are being compensated fairly. ECS can give you up-to-date information about the demand level for your skills, plus the salaries that the electrical industry is currently paying for professionals like you.

You will find that ECS will be your agent, your advocate and your career consultant, whose primary role is to find opportunities that offer you the most satisfaction…both professionally and financially.

We do the work
As you continue to work in your present position, ECS can be ever alert for advancement opportunities in which you have told us you are interested.

Just give us your basic information and we’ll take it from there. We will evaluate your background and experience, and then screen opportunities in the regions that you choose and zero-in on those best suited for you.

Our goal is to identify those companies and opportunities that are good fits. Based on our assessment of your background, we will present only those opportunities that are the best fits. We will not waste your time with ‘pie in the sky’ jobs that you aren’t yet qualified for. Sometimes we have to deliver less than pleasant news, but we will be honest with you. Simply, if it’s a great fit, then we’re good to go! If it’s not, we’re going to know very quickly.

You are in charge
You have nothing to lose except an opportunity that may never come again. You are completely in charge, always. ECS carefully follows your instructions, identifying those companies and positions in which you are interested; and then you select those that you would like to pursue.
You will never pay a fee to ECS. Our coaching, advice, and information are completely free to you. When you do accept a position that we find for you, the hiring company pays our fee. This is why we work so hard to get it right for you…we don’t get paid until we’ve found exactly what you want, and you accept.

Be assured that all personal information provided to ECS is strictly confidential. Your name or information never enters our conversations with employers until you give us the green light.