Make Plans Instead of Resolutions

So how did those resolutions that you made in January 2013 work out? Most people start a brand new year with visions of grandeur of doing sensible things such as working out, finally cleaning the garage, etc. to major life decisions such as going back to school or getting a new job. All of these are attainable, but you need to actually make plans to achieve those goals.

You can have dreams and goals of whatever you want. But they need to be reasonable. That is why so many people fail. They just keep thinking about what they’re going to do but they don’t make the plans of how they’re going to get there. Most resolutions are just too daunting because they’re not realistic.

What would it take for most people to follow through on their resolutions? Here are some thoughts: people that want to lose weight often set goals way too high. Instead of wanting to lose 20 pounds, how about planning on losing just 10? Instead of cleaning the entire garage at one sitting, how about just planning on cleaning it over two weekends? See, there is that key word there: planning.

Sometimes we need someone to help us; to hold us accountable. Although we want/have to work out or go running, we may or may not do it by ourselves. But if we had someone there to do it with us, and they also have the same plans, it’s much easier.

One thing that seems to work for a lot of people is rewards-large or small. When you have reached a certain milestone, go ahead and have a cheat day, buy yourself something small or just relax and reflect on your accomplishment.

When it comes to changing jobs, planning is crucial. Unless you’re called out of the blue by someone wanting to hire you, it may take weeks or months to find what you’re looking for. If there’s something missing at your current job, you need to do some planning to figure out how to fill that void.

Some goals will never be achieved no matter what you do if those resolutions are highly based upon what someone else does (or doesn’t do). Something like waiting for someone to leave or retire without a fixed and firm date may not pan out (story about that in a future article).

Keep in mind these two pearls of wisdom:

  • Thinking about doing something is not the same as actually doing it.
  • Whether we’re willing to admit it or not, NOT DECIDING is a decision and NO ACTION is an action.

Turn those resolutions into plans for 2014. What plans will you make TODAY to see them realized?

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