Top Ten Most Annoying Employee Habits

Whether you are a manager or coworker, we all claim to have worked with the most irritating people in the industry. We asked for some stories to share anonymously with the readers. We hope you can find a laugh or identify with some of these.

10. Computer Addicts. How about the person who spends all day looking for a new car, booking a vacation, playing games, or seeing how their Fantasy Football players are doing. But when the boss comes near, they are the model employee of the firm. (Don’t they know that computer histories can be checked?!)

9. Typhoid Mary. I worked with a very nice lady once who was so very devoted to her work that she came in even when sick. We all applaud work ethics but when her flu wiped out our office within a week, it’s time to know when to stay home.

8. The Tapper. We all like the drum line from high school, but apparently not in the office. One guy actually brought his drum sticks to work and liked to practice on his wooden desk for all to enjoy. This person now sits alone in his office working as a recruiter in our industry!

7. Microwave Offenders. Raise your hand if you have had the pleasure of smelling that burnt popcorn from the microwave. Don’t you love how it lingers for what seems like hours? And by the way-heating up your leftovers in the microwave is fine but DON’T heat up your fish! Eat it at home or bury it in the garden where it belongs.

6. The Joke-Forwarder. What about that guy who forwards ALL of the jokes and cartoons multiple times a day? Most are funny and even I have a ‘humor’ file. But there has to be some decorum as to how much is too much. And do we really need to see that YouTube clip of ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ again? By the way, people get fired for sending inappropriate content-read your employee handbook.

5. Music Admirer. There are many genres of music and everyone has their own opinions of what is good. Death-metal for some might be relaxing while someone listening to Yanni might be pure torture. Let’s keep the volume down, eh?!

4. Personal Aromas. Showering isn’t a bad thing. Really! How about every day-please! Perfumes and colognes-they smell nice but we have all worked with someone whose scent has arrived before they do. As the saying goes, ‘a dab’ll do ya’. Go light-if someone can smell you from over 18” away, you need to spritz less.

3. Personal Space. We’re not in Europe so let’s keep our distance a bit when having a conversation. How about a minimum of 36”? When the other person has to back up because you are invading their area, you need to back off!

2. Breath Mints. Please, for all that is good in the world, stock your desk, pockets, car, hidden areas in the warehouse, wherever with some winter-fresh wonders.

1. Chronic Lateness or Absence. I mean, really. You got a job to do, just do it! When you’re gone, others have to do double duty to pick up your slack. If it’s legit, fine. Just be prepared to pitch in when your fellow cube-mates are out. If you haven’t looked at the unemployment statistics, keep in mind that there could be a stack of resumes on your boss’s desk from his
favorite recruiter.

Basic consideration is all that is asked. Most are common sense but apparently many people just don’t get it-even the author is guilty of some of the above. As Aretha Franklin says, it comes down to one word: R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

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